Dr. Abhideep Chaudhary is one of the most endowed new generation surgeons of the Surgical Gastroenterology and Liver Transplantation Department in BLK Hospital,Delhi. With a special interest in transplant surgery, he started his surgical career twelve years back and continued his training in prestigious medical institutions like All India Institite of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi until he received the multi-organ transplant surgery fellowship in the year 2009 from UPMC, USA. Being proficient in hepatobiliary and liver transplant surgery, after serving as a consultant surgeaon at the Department Of Surgical Gastroenterology and Liver Transplantation, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi for almost 3 years, he chose to be a core member in the highly qualified team of experts at Department of Surgical Gastroenterology and Liver Transplantation Department, JBLK Hospital,Delhi.

Dr. Chaudhary worked as Multi-Organ Transplant Surgery Fellow, Division of Transplant Surgery at the Thomas Starzl Transplantation Institute (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center), Pittsburgh, PA, USA, from 2009 to 2011 and due to his exceptional clinical performance he was appointed as Chief Clinical Fellow/Senior Administrative Fellow, Division of Transplant Surgery, at the Thomas Starzl Transplantation Institute (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center), Pittsburgh, PA, USA, for the year 2010-11. Thomas Starzl Transplantation Institute (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center), Pittsburgh, USA is world’s most renowned transplant center and is considered to be the “Mecca” of Liver Transplantation.

Dr. Chaudhary has to his credit 11 papers and 24 abstracts published in leading International journals including Transplant International, Transplantation Proceedings, Tropical Gastroenterology, Journal of Gastrointestinal Cancer and many others. He has also made significant contributions in various transplant textbooks.

Dr. Chaudhary is an active member of various professional organisations like American Society of Transplant Surgeons, International Liver Transplant Society and Association of Surgeons of India.

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One of the Best Facilities for Liver Transplant Surgery

State of the art infrastructure and the most experienced surgeons to bring the most advanced liver transplant care!

Currently Dr. Abideep Chaudhary is practicing in BLK Hospital. BLK Hospital was conceptualized by Founder Dr. B L Kapur with the vision of to create a patient-centric, tertiary healthcare organization focused on non-intrusive quality care utilizing leading edge technology with a human touch.

BLK Super Speciality Hospital has a unique combination of the best in class technology, put to use by the best names in the professional circles to ensure world-class health care to all patients. Spread on five acres of land, with a capacity of 650 beds, BLK Super Speciality Hospital is one of the largest tertiary care private hospitals in the country, BLK has consistently ranked amongst the Top 10 Multi Super Specialty Hospitals in Delhi NCR.

Success Stories

  • My mother was ill and I could not pay for her to have her liver surgery. The hospitals here had limited medical intervention and they couldn’t perform the surgery, I was helpless and I was thinking how I would save her. I was in pain and deeply disappointed by this. I could not imagine life without my mother. After searching high and low for help I was losing hope. When I went to the pharmacy to buy some important medicines I overheard a pharmacist having a talk about how much lower in cost it was to get surgeries done in India. A light went off in my head and I went to work. That’s when I started searching on the internet and came to know about Dr. Abhideep Chaudhary. Few days after searching and reading everything I went to India with my mother and got her surgery done at Jaypee Hospital, Noida. I was very great-full to have been able to find an Indian hospital where I could get my mother seen by a beautifully competent staff of doctors and nurses. Now she is doing all well and our family is happily together once again. Thank you so much Dr. Abhideep Chaudhary for helping us in our hard times!.
  • I was diagnosed with cirrhosis of liver in March 2013, I had spent several long years coping with declining health and frequent hospitalizations. By December 2016, I was in an intensive care unit in critical condition at a local hospital in my country. My condition was worse and I needed an urgent liver transplant but in my country the cost of a liver transplant was way above my expectations, I was broke and the future looked bleak. My family started looking for other options and they came to know about Dr.Abhideep chaudhary in India through search engine. My wife got in touch with the team of Dr.Chaudhary and within days his team arranged everything for us from VISA & logistics to treatment. "I knew it that I'm in really good hands when I met Dr. Chaudhary. He's the best doctor in India. Before I had the transplant, I didn't think I was going to make it through the year. Now I'm ready to tackle the world”. I couldn’t get this much services at any other country which I got in India. Thank you Dr. Abhideep Chaudhary for saving my life.
  • Owning a successful technology firm for 10 years taught me to plan for the future and for the unexpected. On May 26, 2015, all those years of planning became critical for me. "My eyes were bloodshot, I was jaundiced, and I had bruises." Blood tests at the emergency room indicated that I had severely deteriorated liver function. "The doctor said I could die that night. I went from being on top of the world to being told, 'You might not make it.” But my local hospital’s care team was able to get my medical situation under control. I was prescribed a heavy dose of steroids and released from the hospital. A week later, I went to see a local liver specialist who told me that I need an urgent liver transplant. I had a friend of mine who advised me to go to India and meet Dr.Abhideep Chaudhary, he said that Dr. Abhideep Chaudhary has saved his mother’s life. I began researching about Dr. Abhideep Chaudhary from India. I read that he has performed more than 1500+ Liver Transplants and his success rate is up to 95%. The week before Eid, I flew to Jaypee Hospital,Noida for an appointment with Dr. Abhideep Chaudhary. Before I met him I had so many doubts in my mind but after I met Dr. Abdhideep Chaudhary all of my doubts got cleared. He was so nice to me and I couldn’t imagine a doctor so down to earth. He helped me throughout my transplant journey and even after transplant he came to see me daily and had an eye on my health which helped me to recover faster. At last all I can say is that I am glad that I took the right decision coming to India for my Liver Transplant. Thank you so much Dr. Abhideep Chaudhary “You are not just a doctor. You are a life saviour”.